Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Cardigan - Cath Kidston
Skirt - Cath Kidston
Bag - Cath Kidston
Shoes - Clarks


My obsession with fashion is not a new one, my pretty wide exploration in style long since documented under this pseudonym, but ever since I started working for my favourite brand - Cath Kidston (you guessed that, right?) - I've really started to understand the power that can be found in what we wear.

I spent a good portion of my formative young adult years incredibly ill. The most activity I was well enough to see day-to-day was the act of getting dressed. So I started to make that mean something. It was one of the only ways I could actively express myself, one of the only ways I could be creative. In fact, it was one of the only ways I could try and figure out who I was at a time in my life where I should have been out in the world, generally figuring it all out. Putting on a dress I felt incredible in wouldn't magically cure all my problems, of course not, but it could completely lift me from depression for a little while and make me feel comfortable in my own skin ... a rarity, to say the least.

I had that experience already. I knew that what something looks like isn't half as important as how it makes you feel. But still, one of the best parts of my job is the smile on a woman's face from the changing room when she's found the right dress. When I know she feels beautiful and ready to take on her world. 

It's magic. And I will never tire of that. 

So it might make me shallow, who knows, but I'll forever be a proud sartorial wanderer and the champion of that killer piece that can bring you sunshine on a rainy day.

Because life's too bloody short not to swish about in your new favourite skirt, regardless of the weather.