January 1st is definitely a time to set everything else aside, carve out an hour and get outside to welcome in the New Year.


For Stu and me, the last leg of 2013 was consumed by a project called The Rivet Press. A Hiut Denim production, this new blog is designed to create the culture of the Hiut wearer and become the hub where people connect, get inspired and hear the latest news.

We set the launch date for January 1st and worked none stop to make sure we hit it. One thing about muttering a launch date out loud is that there's no going back. We made it with twenty minutes to spare, tying up loose ends and hitting the 'go' button at 11:40. Just enough time to watch the fireworks explode across the sky with a goofy smile on my face.

New Years day always brings a wash of excitement and melancholy. Letting go of the past year and embracing the new one stirs all sorts of contradicting emotions like that. After writing down my 2014 aims, we pulled on our walking boots and set off into the outside world.

Mud and rain, it didn't matter. Bundled up against the crappy weather, we squelched through Dungeon Woods, a fraction of the nearby Wirral Country Park. Feeling the terrain underfoot, sucking in the clean air and taking some snapshots, it's how every year should start.