Climb & Conquer

Climb & Conquer

Watching my little sister conquer the climbing web at the park after several attempts reminded me of how important it is to keep aiming for that one rung higher ...


We look up from the ground and aim for the top. It always looks so high, scraping the clouds, but no one ever starts anything by aiming for anything less than the top.

We climb. We get scared. We come back down.

We climb. We get a bit higher. One rung more.

But our hearts beat too widely. And our hands shake with adrenaline. Or is it fear? 

I'm going to fall. I'm going to get hurt. I'm going to fail. 

We come back down.

But no matter how many times we stand on the ground and look up at the top of that climb, no matter how scared we are, or how many times we back out; there will always be that compulsion within us to try one more time.

Until we make it to the top. And we look down. And we feel like heroes.

We made it. 

We will always make it.