An Evening Stroll

An Evening Stroll

With the British weather being what it is, a sunny evening these days is something not to be wasted.


When Port Sunlight was built, every property of the near 1000 that were built had its own assigned allotment. Coming from slums and the poorest of living conditions, Lever was not only building his workers comfortable and beautiful housing, he also wanted his workers to have immediate access to ample outdoor space and a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Being able to grow your own fruit and veg was deemed a huge part of that.

Then, as cars became a bigger and bigger crutch of every day life and buying out-of-season food all year round became, not just accessible, but convenient - the allotments whittled down one by one to make way for garages and greens.

Now there are just sixteens plots left, tucked discreetly away, growing everything from cutting flowers to hearty vegetables. 

We walked a loop around them in the fading sunlight, appreciating the well tended and coveting those that looked a little unloved - still an idealised relic of the 'good life' and one we'd love a part of.