Another Place

Another Place

Dress - Cath Kidston A/W 15
Gumbert Socks - Cath Kidston
Boots - Dr. Martens


It really doesn't matter how many times I visit Anthony Gormley's 'Another Place', I still get the same feeling. I've read that many people find the experience of witnessing those stoic, silent forms staring out into sea erie, or even disturbing. Personally, I find an obscure sense of peace.

I stand beside them, I face the horizon, and I feel an embracing sort of stillness. Maybe just for a minute or two, but it's a consuming purging of any and all thought. There's nothing - if only for the space of a heartbeat. I feel like one of them. With them. Beside them. And it's that solidarity with these metal men that brings me a cathartic restfulness.

I watched other visitors and tried to gauge if they'd been before or if this was their first time. If they were anything like Stu and I, who have visited many times, there comes a point where you accept the figures like you would the sand and the shells. They are just part of that beach. (Watch out for number nine, mind, he's a frisky little devil).

With the warm wind assaulting my hair and whipping my new dress around my knees, we had a fantastic time prancing about the shore and generally being prats. Which, let's face it, is really what the weekends ought to be for.