Brunch At LEAF

Brunch At LEAF

The perfect start to an impromptu date day at LEAF on Bold Street.


Stu and I have pretty simple tastes when it comes to food. Culinary scaredy-cats, you could say. I'm allergic to chillies, so anything with spice worries the hell out of me and if Stu can't pronounce it, he's not eating it. Simple as that.

So finding somewhere to eat where we can chill out and get our hands on a really good sandwich is pretty much right up our street. No muss, no fuss.

We were fifteen minutes too late to order the full English Breakfast, which made me hurt inside because I'd spotting some lucky fella tucking into his downstairs, but the consolidatory BLTs we ordered were so good we ended up ordering a third to split between us. Oink oink.

Team that with a cracking Cappuccino and I am one happy gal.