Bryn Eglur Grounds

Bryn Eglur Grounds

Before the sun had fully risen, before even the first cup of coffee, we pulled on our wellies and explored the dewy autumnal grounds of Bryn Eglur


When staying at Bryn Eglur, South Wales in October, one of the joys we relished most was the untamed grounds surrounding the chocolate box cottage.

On a Sunday morning, with sleep still in our eyes and the golden glint of sunrise still shimmering on the horizon, we romped through waist high grass wet with autumnal dew in our pajamas and wellies.

Left mostly to its own devises, nature had reclaimed the grounds; giving home to insects, animals and birds. Cob webs adorned the grasses, winking like jewels and revealing their intricacy.

Fog blanketed the neighbouring hills, drifting through the landscape like cold breath, altogether giving a feeling a magical seclusion and intimate discovery.