Closing School Lane

Closing School Lane

As Liverpool welcomes a new Cath Kidston store, a five year residency on School Lane comes to a close.


In the short three months I have been with Cath Kidston, we Liverpool girls have witnessed the opening of a shiny new, prime location store, the Christmas rush, the launch of a sale and the closure of our beloved School Lane store. 

It's been a pretty intense ride. Yeah, all that cliched blood, sweat and tears stuff. But we did it. And we did it well.

I first found this store about four or five years ago. It's bright and cheery fit, awesome staff and beautiful product made it my ultimate favourite place to shop. Working in it was a genuine dream come true, and working with the girls I have has been even better. 

So it's weird to see our usually crammed shelves empty and dormant. It's odd for our bustling stock room to be so barren. And it's strange to see this place stripped to its bare fixtures and fittings. But even now, feeling irrationally emotional, this space retains its cheery soul. 

It's on to Paradise Street for us Kidstonettes. But, School Lane, you've been awesome.