Curve ID

Curve ID

Jumper - Zara
Jeans - Levis
Bag - Dr Martens
Boots - Dr Martens
Glasses - Chanel


From the sublime to the ridiculous, we're constantly force fed the body shape we're supposed to be. Thin is beautiful. Curvy is sexy. 'Real' women have big arses. Yet we're constantly craving that thigh gap. 

Truth of the matter, ladies, is that not a single one of us conforms to convention. Our DNA ultimately dictates our body shape. Sure getting some squats in can help, but isn't it time we stop ripping into each other for blamelessly being the figurative greener grass on the other side?

Me, I've got some junk on my trunk. The Kardashians kinda made that cool at some point but growing up, my shape was a target to take aim at. It's also meant that I've never been able to get myself into a pair of jeans that aren't 90% horrid stretchy synthetic blend. Regardless of the wonderful diversity amongst the female form,  jeans are cut straight up and down. Not helpful.

Until now. Levi's Curve ID range is a dream come true. No stretch, just denim and a good fit. The only pair of jeans to completely eradicate the dreaded 'back gape'. 

My life long nemesis. Finally conquered. Take that, generic sizing!