Dress - Dr Martens
Coat - Zara
Shoes - Dr Martens


Today was definitely the first day where it felt as though spring had sprung. The skin exploded in delight from the feel of the sun and all its vitamin D ladled goodness.

Outside of the sun, however, the chilly remnants of winter remained, making the optimistic wardrobe choices of passers by an eyebrow-raiser. Shorts, really? It's still only March!

This means I'm still depending on my warmer sartorial options but at least I can forego the thermal base layers for now.

This dress from Dr Martens is a clear example of why my love affair with the brand has long since surpassed their shoe collection; its brushed cotton and muted tartan make it perfectly adaptable all year round.

Speaking of shoes, I spent a good two weeks sitting at my desk with these shoes on; intermittently standing on the heels to soften them. The preparation is almost always worth it when it comes to the stiffer leather DMs. If you fail to prepare, prepare to lose most of the skin on your feet. Little tip there.