Dovecote Nurseries

The tiniest of signs tethered to a traffic light pole led us to the sweetest little garden centre ever ...


Despite the pouring rain, Stu had a list of very important Sunday business we had to attend to. And, let me tell you, when Stu has taken time to actually put pen to paper to write a list - it is indeed very important. 

After a bolt over to Liverpool for a camera case and the new issue of Huck magazine, it was on to my Mum's to catch up with the family and then the start of the quest for some new plants for the garden. Yup, even busting out the seams of our small Yarden, apparently there's room for some more.

We shunned the big guys in favour of a little sign we'd seen strapped to a traffic light on New Chester Road. Through the winding country lanes of Neston, we eventually found Dovecote Nurseries. 

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, horses and resident kitty 'Brambles', there was a surprisingly huge selection of plants to chose from. We've decided to add a little leafy tranquility to the garden, so picked up some ferns and some mini acers. Totally worth getting drenched for.