February 3rd is a day of double celebrations. Like buses, two birthdays come along at once.


After spending a couple of hours in my folk's favourite pub in front of a quietly spitting fire to celebrate Toni's birthday, it was on to the second party of the day. My niece Isabelle was turning a very big-girl five.

Even after a full day at school and a fairly taxing street dance class, there was plenty of excitement still to be had. Decked out in every possible piece of Frozen memorabilia you could possibly imagine - yup, including the Elsa wig, dress and shoes - we had birthday cake without the song (the song is not allowed), several rounds of candle blowing and the appropriate level of awe a five year old expects towards her Disney Infinity characters. 

"I've been very spoilt today, haven't I?" she whispered to me as I said goodbye.

Most definitely, but as my Nan used to say ... you can't spoil good stuff.

Happy Birthday Toni & Isabelle.