Go West

Go West

It's not a welcome sign, or a change in language; it's this view that punctuates the arrival into Wales, for me.


The first time I travelled to West Wales was last June. It was a holiday, the first holiday I'd had in around about eight years. Something about the unspoilt beauty of it, the embracing stretches of coast and seemingly endless rolling hilltops unlocked something in me that had been confined by illness and immobility for many years. 

It was the start of my new life.

A fateful seven days away.

And so, West Wales has become the organic embodiment of freedom. That turning point where hard work paid off.

Every time I go, I can taste new possibilities in the air. I'm reminded of the serendipity of life. How everything can change in the course of one conversation. West Wales has gifted me with a lot.

A year on, I work for The DO Lectures - an awesome little company based in Cardigan, West Wales. I travel backwards and forwards frequently but still not enough and it's always this exact point in the journey, where the roads start to curl and twist through great valleys of beauty, that I feel the transition from one home to another.

I wanted to share that moment with you.