Moving To No. 21


Moving To No. 21

We weren't planning on moving house, but when life lines itself up just so, you just have to take the leap and trust it's the right move.


Have you ever had something happen that just feels like it was ... I don't know ... meant to? Like there's  a reason behind it, a purpose you're not yet aware of? This is what this move felt like for me and Stu. 

Finding this house alone happened in a really random, serendipitous series of events. If just one thing had been out of order that day, this never would have happened. 

A gut feeling, instinct, coincidence, fate, kismet, karma ... whatever you want to call it. We took this house because we both felt deep in our stomach's that we were supposed to.

Fortunately, we have a rather delightful landlady who gave us the keys a month before our move date so that we could paint / plant / set ourselves up straight.

So that's what we've been doing. 

As much as our previous home holds millions of memories - and a huge credit for my recovery - there seemed a very clear line drawn in our life that signalled a need for a fresh start. 

That's what this place is. A fresh start. And happiness. 

A home.