Nature's Prozac

Nature's Prozac

Why munching a handful of cashews a day could help keep the blues away.


On January 1st, I decided to make a big change to my eating habits. For a number of reasons really. Firstly, I'd had quite the food party over Christmas, there was definitely a few mince pies too many I needed shed but mostly, I just felt it was time for a cleanse.

The victim of a chronic sweet tooth, I've pretty much always caved in to what my appetite wants, rather than what my body actually needs. And since it's taken me eight years of really hard work to recover some sort of relatively healthy body, fueling it efficiently has become the number one priority.

The changes were obvious enough, we all know how it goes. More water, no fizzy drinks. More fruit, no cake. More fish, no takeaways.

Cutting out all the rubbish, it's standard stuff.

Since then, I have a new appreciation for my snacks, which usually comprise of nuts or dried fruit of some sort. I'm always on the look out for recipes across the web, which is where I discovered a curious fact about cashews.

Apparently, a handful of the magical little things have the same mood enhancing effect as a dose of Prozac. No, really. They're happy nuts, how about that?

In lieu of reliable sunshine, cashews have become my snack of choice, thrown in with some almonds for a bit of variety. It's the spice of life, after all.