Providero | In Details

Providero | In Details

From the road to bricks and water, Providero Tea & Coffee House is the finest caffeine stop you could ever wish for.


Two years ago, when doing a bit of Christmas shopping, we stopped by the coolest vintage Citroen van parked up amongst the stores. It wasn't a normal fixture there and the van and smell of coffee were enough to lure us over.

It was a fateful caffeine craving.

We met Jon of Providero, talked to him long enough to figure out he was a bloody good guy and drank the best latte I've ever had, even to this day. Most importantly of all, we made a friend.

Since then, we've kept in touch; frequently driving to his normal haunt of Conwy, North Wales, just to get our hands on Mrs Providero's cakes (totally worth the effort). On one of these occasions late last year, we learnt about their Kickstarter campaign and their dream of opening a small Tea and Coffee House at Llandudno Junction. Only a few months later, the doors are open.

Knowing the hard work and sacrifice that went into their bricks and water embodiment of Providero made stepping over the threshhold all the more exciting. The place is cozy, full of personality and all handmade.

The floor and serving counter are clad with the flooring of an old school gym. The tables are crafted out of reclaimed church pews from a chapel down the road and the brickwork of the walls have been painstakingly repaired and left exposed. The very clear impression that everything has been carefully created gives the whole space an integrity and transparent honesty; coupled with Jon's seemingly endless encyclopedia of knowledge on the various blends of tea and coffee makes Providero quite the most perfect place to stop for your caffeine hit.

I can't wait to really go to town on this place with my camera, but for now, here's some of those beautiful details.