Raspberry Yow-Fairs

Too often, we believe it's the 'what' that makes life most interesting, when really it's the 'who' ...


Top left there is Raspberry. Yep, you read that correctly. We came across her selling hand drawn pictures of cats at Camp & Furnace's 'INPRINT' exhibition. A little girl drawing pictures of cats? All over it, sunshine.

"You can buy one of these for £1 ..." 

The twang of an accent. American, I assume. She pushes her cat eye glasses up her nose and smiles brightly at me, still all milk teeth. Christ, she's adorable. I've already dropped too much money on prints I don't have the wall space for, but I'm going to need a cat drawing from Raspberry.

"... or I can live draw one for you."

Well, obviously, small child, I want you to draw one for me.

I showed her a picture of my cat, Mono, and asked if she could draw her. Squinting her eyes, she took a five second look at the picture and nodded her head determinedly. After I selected the coloured paper I wanted, it was a felt-tip frenzy. Even though Raspberry was completely nonplussed by the audience, I felt awkward standing over her. That's too much pressure on a child, right? We left her to it. 

Five minutes later, I circled back around to peer over her shoulder. Not expecting much, I let out a startled laugh when I saw what she was working on. The likeliness was uncanny - the kid must have a photographic memory or something.

I immediately start rummaging through my phone for a photo of my other cat, Smudge. 

She managed to munch her way through a pitta while eyeing up the second photo. When we paid up, it was with a five pound note, delighted with our artwork. 

"Would you like a business card?"

Kid's gonna be the next Damian Hurst.


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