Ric Rac

Ric Rac

Top - New Look
Skirt - Cath Kidston
Shoes - Dr Martens


The only problem with working in your favourite shop is there is literally no way to avoid temptation. Subsequently, I've gotten into a nasty little habit of swiftly sinking a disproportionate amount of my paycheque back into the store.

But screw it, I'm happy.

This skirt was my latest pay-day splurge and I'm finding it hard to feel sorry about it. It's got a touch of childhood dance-class nostalgia to it that balances nicely with satisfying weight and fifties A-Line shape.

Currently enjoying swishing it about paired with an otherwise all-black outfit but am looking forward to the summer bare-legged months where the multitude of colour options come into play.

Pink. Coral. Green. Navy. Red. I am Steph with my technicolour dream-skirt. 

Worn today with a fresh hair-do and a retro-matt pink lip from MAC that is giving my Riri-woo red a well deserved rest. 

Saturday off? Don't mind if I do.