Summer Blues & Autumn Hues

Dress - Cath Kidston
Tights - Cath Kidston
Boots - Timberland
Backpack - Cath Kidston


September arrived with a torrent of biblical downpours and an almost merciless plunge in temperature. It seemed as cut and dry as seasons go. Looks like summer's over. Merry Christmas.

Now I love the sun drenched long days of summer and I absolutely hate the cold and wet with every fibre of my overly nesh being - but welcoming in Autumn was not so bad, when it gave a good excuse to treat myself to a new winter rose dress from work.

I love the dropped waist and cutesy hemline, the way the cut hints at your shape in all the right places but has enough room not to have to worry about sucking anything in. If you know what I mean. 'Course you do. Getting to throw on wooly tights and big boots just about made up for getting rained all over, too.

Now all I need is this here Squirrel Cardigan and I'll pretty much be set up for Winter. Seriously, though, where is this year going?