Amidst the very scraps of the holiday season, the infamous seaside town was reclaimed by the locals and just a few, curious tourists.


By October, the summer season in South Wales had pretty much closed its doors, leaving the beautiful stretches of coast returned to the locals and the occasional, less fair-weather tourist, like us.

Drifting through the town of Tenby, we saw whispers of what the same streets must be like in high season with the kitsch novelty shops, ice cream parlors and award winning fish and chips, all positioned to reap the benefits of seaside tourists.

We enjoyed the little extra space we had to ourselves and the slower pace that comes from being bundled up in scarves and gloves. At the shore, the pastel hued houses guarded the sands, adding a playful pop of colour to the vast expanse of unruined beach.

As beautiful on a grey, misty day as I can imagine it would be in searing blue; it's no wonder Tenby is a popular stay-cation destination for Brits.