The Day Cath Came To Visit

So you know, just your average day at work. Serving Cath Kidston ...


I was literally just about to leave work after my shift when I stepped out of the staff room and right into the path of ...

Oh, holy Jesus, that's Cath Kidston.

Cath Kidston. The actual Cath Kidston.

You know how most people would feel about bumping into Channing Tatum or Angelina Jolie?

Bloody hell, Cath Kidston. 

Lisa was calmly guiding her around the shop talking about the products. I started squealing internally. Maybe some of that slipped out, I don't know. I forgot about my train. I stayed, obviously. I chatted to Cath Kidston. The actual Cath Kidston. After ten or so minutes following her at a safe distance until I plucked up the courage to say hello. I shouldn't have been nervous, Cath is a wonderful delight of a woman.

She'd just popped in to the Liverpool Store to see how it had adapted to its recent move onto the highstreet. Even though she's not a part of running the business day-to-day, it's a part of who she is and she cares. She will always care. And that shone from her. 

It was an incredibly inspiring experience, from what I could retain between the 'oh my god, oh my god, oh my god' that was running through my mind.

So, still in a star-struck stupor, I'm going to leave these shakey-handed pics I managed to get on my iPhone without looking like a complete fan girl.

I am red and blotchy. I am over excited. I am very happy.

Cath, it was incredible to meet you.