The Grand Budapest Hotel

Last weekend, Stu and I took our seats in FACT's Screen 2 for Wes Anderson's latest film.


My favourite film of all time is Amelie, my second is Micmacs. Both french, both so delightfully quirky. Although I'm a big fan of film and frequently work my way through a large volume of blockbusters and art house creations alike, it would take an awful lot to nudge either of those films from the top spot. They've been there for years, completely untouched and inviolate. That was until we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson's latest contribution to the film industry. 

Visually endearing, bright and meticulously infectious, to call it 'slapstick' would be an insult to the sophistication of the writing. Still, it's funny - really funny, stomach aching funny - in the most unexpected of places with a touch a tender sentiment that gives the plot real meaning and depth. Acted with comedic timing genius by Ralph Fiennes and newcomer Tony Revolori, the lead characters were rivetingly curious and perfectly handled. In short, it's a triumph and you really must, must, MUST go and see it.