The Handmade Fair

The Handmade Fair

This year's Port Sunlight Open Village saw the inaugural Handmade Fair from Landbaby & Co, and it was beautiful ...


"The craft fair that's on today, it's not like the usual craft fair. There's lovely stuff that you actually, you know, want to buy. Just thought I'd let you know ..."

That was the phone conversation I accidentally overhead while I was trying to pet the shy husky residing in Little Vintage Photography's Caravan yesterday. The sun was shining in the Port Sunlight, and the village was alive with the hum of visitors for the annual Open Village event.

My next door neighbour Claire, who I've known and been enabled by for many years through her shop Landbaby, had organised her first handmade fair in the village and without even stepping inside, I knew from that phone conversation that she'd brought her usual stylistic eye for the beautiful to the curated stalls inside. 

I never did get a cuddle from the husky, but I did drop money I didn't have on pieces that I'm absolutely besotted with. Hat tip to Handled With CareLauren Van Helmond and Squirrel & Tiffin for making me poor. 

You can follow Landbaby & Co on Facebook to keep your eye out for upcoming dates on fairs ... as there's sure to be more, given the demand.