This Is Not A Draft

This Is Not A Draft

Thoughts on karma, the choices we don't realise we're making and kicking life's arse back into shape ...


I’m a big believer in fate. And that everything happens for a reason, if only just to teach you a lesson when you need it most. The universe is one karmic bank account; you can’t make a massive withdrawal without paying in first. Sometimes shit happens and the arse falls out of everything … that’s alright. It’s just a direct debit you forgot about. Close your eyes and think of payday. It’ll all come good eventually.

But, maybe conversely, I also believe that it’s not actually the events of life that shape us, but rather how we react once the proverbial hits the fan and smears our best laid plans. The actual change occurs when we let it. When we truly allow ourselves to believe that we’re mere bystanders trapped within the confines of our own existence. When we think of our paths as predetermined and our trials and tribulations as some inevitable, unwinnable game of chess.

Well … screw that.

When the story of your life becomes unrecognisable and the plot feels like it has twisted too far out of your hands, don’t forget that it’s entirely in your power to rewrite it. Maybe it won’t happen over night, maybe it’ll take a whole lot of edits. Some character developments, maybe. But, without sounding melodramatic about it, you are the author of your own destiny. The designer of your happiness. The mastermind to your own revival through every tragedy.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that life doesn’t just happen to us. Not if we don’t let it, anyway. I refuse to believe that. We are not its victim, not under any circumstance.

So, yup … it’s all on you, kiddo.
What are you going to do about it?