Under The Bridge

Under The Bridge

Utility is a beautiful thing. The raw functionality of something is inspiring. Sometimes it's good to explore that.


I'm not a hardcore brutalist nut. Just want to put that out there. While the site of super smooth concrete certainly makes me want to reach out and touch, it doesn't have me convulsing with excitement. Not like Stu. He loves the stuff.

What can I say? Most of the time I prefer to marvel over what nature built, rather than man.

But, from time to time, the sharp lines and cutting angles of the most utilitarian structures appeal to the viewfinder in my head. Beauty is everywhere, after all.

These things have taken hundreds and hundreds of years of mathematicians, engineers and architect's work to perfect and yet we drive over them every day without a second thought. 

To me, it's worth taking the time to admire the results of that evolution.