Wigwam In The Mist

Wigwam In The Mist

On a day where the city was shrouded by mist, we took a look around the peaceful surrounds of Paddy's Wigwam.


When I got up for work this morning, the mist was so thick I couldn't make out the back garden through the windows. Even as it lifted throughout the morning, it clung to the tops of chimneys and tall buildings; adding an air of eerie stillness and majesty.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, known locally as 'Paddy's Wigwam', was one of my favorite spots to view the fading fog.

Unfortunately, by the time I had finished work, had a run and made it outside, the mist was merely wisps across the sky rather than the thick, dramatic blanket that was filling my instagram. 

But the smooth, clean walls of the cathedral and surrounding chimney pots still benefited from that whitewash of high contrast light. It was an ideal spot to enjoy the quiet that fog brings to a city.