The Dignity In Trying

The Dignity In Trying

"Do. Or do not. There is no try."
- Yoda


We’ve all heard this line, right? Seen it plastered across some moody black and white image on a self proclaimed motivational social media account that fills us with our retch-inducing daily dose of insipid ‘you-can-do-it’. Well, not to disagree with the great almighty little green fella but, for the most part, I’m going to go ahead and call this bullshit. (Sorry Yoda).

Why? Because it paints a very thick line between two states that human nature inherently wobbles along the divide of.

Do or don’t.
Succeed or fail.
Win or lose.

When, to me, half the winning is in the trying. Diving into something knowing full well you might fall flat on your arse for the world to see is infinitely braver than slapping on the blinkers and an unhealthy level of delusion. Or – even worse – to be so afraid of falling short that you don’t even bother to begin with.

Our willingness to try is the most beautiful and endearing of attributes. The magic maker of our species. For all the flaws we are riddled with as human beings – all the emotional pitfalls that we can torture and imprison ourselves and each other with – I think our saving grace is probably our ability to dig our heels in, stick up our chins and have a bloody good go. It’s the secret weapon we often forget, or wilfully neglect, when it can see us through the ups and downs or almost anything.

To try is our primitive fighting instinct, the most natural thing in the world, so I personally would rather we didn’t stifle it with all of this ‘do or do not’ waffle. Because there’s a certain peace that comes from knowing that you’re trying your best. An infinite peace, actually. After all, when you’re giving it everything you’ve got, no matter how long it takes, there’s no such thing as failure. You either win, or you learn. And you try again. And again. And then again.

There’s a dignity to that resilience, so long as you remind yourself to be patient, too. So don’t worry about the don’t and the do. Or the will and the won’t. Don’t worry about whether you’ll make it or whether you’ll fail.

It’s all far, far simpler than that.
Straddle that divide and crack on.
Just try.